Published in conjunction with the exhibition Splotch at
Sperone Westwater (July 7 – August 9, 2016) and
Lesley Heller Workspace (July 20 – August 19, 2016)

„Splotch“ connotes a shape created haphazardly or spontaneously, and it is defined as „a daub,
blot, or smear of something, typically a liquid“ as well as „a large spot or marc of dirt, paint.“
The letter definition implies that a „splotch“ occurs in various forms, is distinct from its surroundings, and can be unwanted.
Paint and dirt are peculiarly treated equally – as accidental stains or imperfections.
However, a splotch can be deliberate and welcomed.

Published by Neumeraki
Essays by Eileen Jeng and Robert C. Morgan
84 Pages, 87 Photos
ISBN 978-0-692-80557-2