Exhibition: Real Ghosts

07/27/22 - 09/10/22 // Winston Wachter Fine Art, Seattle


Winston Wächter Fine Art is pleased to announce our third solo exhibition with German-based artist Andreas KocksReal Ghosts explores the sinuous properties of paper and metal through elaborate layers of hand carved and laser cut forms. Kocks effortlessly combines painterly linework with the sculptural ingenuity of an engineer, marrying disparate artistic practices with effortless grace. Working with aluminum leaf, coated brass, watercolor paper, and stainless steel, Kocks assembles wildly organic compositions full of implied movement with subdued color palettes. Circles burst outside of any self-imposed container and engage the wall itself as an integral part of the artwork. Soft, elastic textures draw attention to the diverse materiality, as playful, winding shapes overlap and disappear into each other like neural pathways or mangled branches.

Photo credit: Sabrina Oh, Seattle, WA